Friday, April 23, 2010

April Garden and Weather Report

It has been an unusual Spring, wet, cool, and frosty. I planted my tomatoes on April 2nd. On April 6th, it got down to 32 degree and froze my tomatoes, peppers, most of my apricots, and a few peaches. Admittedly, I was shocked to see frost on the ground that morning, since the weather report the night before called for a low of only 39 degrees, partly cloudy and breezy--so I was not worried. If you think Al Gore knows the weather 100 years from now, consider that between 10:30 pm, and 8 a.m. the following morning, it cleared off, there was no breeze and it froze--the weather report was off considerably.

Even with the unusual weather, it is still a great spring for gardening, lots of rain (8.45 inches of rain at my house since Jan 1st), cool temps, and not much wind.

My onions, peas, beets and carrots are loving this spring of 2010. I replanted my tomatoes and peppers, and planted Miracle Corn on April 12th, and it is now up. I also planted Ambrosia Cantaloupe, Casaba, and summer squash.

With the cool weather, there are not many pests yet, but the aphid are showing up on my peach tree leaves, so they will get sprayed tomorrow. I use a non-chemical mixture of Tabasco hot sauce and Dawn dish soap in a sprayer. It works very well for aphids and is non-toxic.

If you can dodge the rain and the wind, it's a good time to spray 2-4 D product on morning glory, dandelions, and other broadleaf weeds. Remember that 2-4D drifts, if it's windy, and can damage garden crops and fruit trees--even your neighbor's crops and trees, so always avoid spraying if there is any wind.

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