Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ambrosia Cantaloupes

This is clearly the largest cantaloupe I've ever grown and probably the largest I've ever seen. This melon has a circumference of 25 inches! Wow! These are not specialty melons, it is an Ambrosia Cantaloupe, without question the best tasting cantaloupe in existence. These melons are soft, sweet, juicy and will change your taste for cantaloupe forever.

Why so big? Last fall I tilled in liberal amounts of mulch from the fairgrounds in Hurricane, then this spring I tilled in a little more and added monoammonioum phosphate before planting, and several times throughout the growing season. Watering was as frequent as weather and temperature required; sometimes every three days, sometimes every two days, sometimes everyday--mostly overhead sprinklers. Garden is in full sun.


Russell Wrankle said...

That was a fine cantaloupe. I ate half of it at the sink and drizzled the juice down my shirt. One of these days, I'll figure this gardening thing out. Thaks for the information.

Jensen Family said...

I must say those are the best cantaloupe I'd ever had!! YUMMY!!