Thursday, July 3, 2008

Favorite varieties

I have experimented with various varieties of produce and have found the following to be unmatched in quality and performance:
1. Tomatoes: Celebrity or Floramerica (both are low juice, high meat, slicing tomatoes with a mild flavor; and neither are bothered by most diseases)
2. Cantaloupe: Ambrosia (the only variety I will plant; it's flavor and tender meat is unequaled by anything on the market)
3. Corn: Golden Jubilee (I continue to experiment and try other varieties, but this old time variety simply performs, stays sweet on the stalk, and has great flavor, and usually produces two ears per stalk)
4. Onions: Sweet Spanish (I just keep coming back to this onion, it is a great green onion, can be eaten at any stage, grows well in the desert, and stores all winter)

I grow all of our onions, we never buy onions from the store. The Sweet Spanish can be picked at any stage and eaten as a green onion, or picked mid season for a smaller slicing onion, or harvested and stored in mid to late summer and stored for winter use. The sweet (Texas sweet and Walla Walla sweet) onions are wonderful to eat but do not store well, and will not last through the winter.

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